Amanda Hobbs
Biographical information
Full name Ariana Amanda Emily Jamie Caroline Hobbs
Born February 29th 1972
Gender Female
Occupation Stay at home mom (previously)
Physical description
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Parents Jason Hobbs (father)

Michelle Hobbs (Mother) John Burg (Step Father) Josie McMerry (Current Mother) Michael Mensah (Second last Dad) Alexander Johnson (Current Father)

Spouse David Hobbs
Children Emily Hobbs
Joe Hobbs
Janie Hobbs
Series information
Portrayed by Alanna Ubach

Amanda Caroline "Amy" Hobbs (née Faulkner) is the mother of Emily, Joe, and Janie and wife to David. She is portrayed by Alanna Ubach.


This is one super-mom you don't want to mess with! Amy will do anything for her children, but her decision to return back to the big screen means a little less time at home. While the idea of leaving her babies to the care of David puts her stomach in jitters, her support and love for him conquers all. Between picking up her old career and maintaining a full house, its easy to say her life certainly isn't is dull.[1]


David Hobbs

David is Amy's husband.

Emily Hobbs

Emily is Amy's eldest child.

Joe Hobbs

Joe is Amy's only son.

Janie Hobbs

Janie is Amy's youngest daughter.