David Hobbs
David Hobbs
Biographical information
Full name David Alan Drake Alexander Michelangelo Joseph Hobbs
Gender Male
Occupation Actor (previously)
Stay at home dad
Physical description
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Parents Maggie (Mother)
Spouse Amy Hobbs
Children Emily Hobbs
Joe Hobbs
Janie Hobbs
Series information
Portrayed by Scott Baio

David Alan Hobbs was an actor that decides to take a break and raise a real family and be a real dad instead on TV, but quickly realizes that playing a dad on television is much different than the real thing. He is portrayed by Scott Baio.


David has spent the last 10 years playing the perfect dad on T.V. and seems to have forgotten how to master his real-life role of "world's best dad". Now that his wife has gone back to work, it's David's turn to takeover at home and life with his three kids proves to be one crazy adventure! He has a lot to learn, but his love for his family, quick thinking, and good sense of humor becomes the perfect recipe for this new journey.[1]


Amy Hobbs

Amy is David's wife.

Emily Hobbs

Emily is David's eldest child.

Joe Hobbs

Joe is David's only son.

Janie Hobbs

Janie is David's youngest child.


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  • He is a former famous actor on a family comedy television show where he portrayed "America's Number 1 Dad".
  • David Hobbs was in the TV Special - See Dad Telling First Adventures he played by "America's Number 1 Dad".
  • David Married Amy because there have long middle names