On October 21, 2013, See Dad Run was renewed for a third season.[6] It will be the final season of the series as announced on March 17, 2014.[46] Initially ordered for thirteen episodes,[6] the episode order has now increased, due to a number of unaired season two episodes, now airing as season three episodes, along with a one-hour series finale which was also ordered for the season.

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36 1 "See Dad Nail Valentine’s Day" Jody Margolin Hahn Earl Davis February 9, 2014 301 0.9[47]
Joe hears about a Valentine's Day curse on the Hobbs family men and fears that one will be put on him on his date with Amanda. Marcus entrusts David to watch over a necklace that he will give to Alicia for Valentine's Day, but when Amy sees the gift, she thinks it is her's, causing a predicament with David and Marcus. Emily helps Janie make Valentine's Day cards.
37 2 "See Dad Downsize" Victor Gonzalez David DiPietro & Paul Ciancarelli April 3, 2014 210
Seeing the house cluttered with junk, David has the family have a garage sale. However, during the garage sale, David's memorabilia from his old sitcom is sold to an obsessed fan named Calvin Riggins (Daryl Chill Mitchell). Joe becomes frustrated when Amanda becomes instantly talented at all the hobbies that he is trying out for the first time.
38 3 "See Dad Run Joe Into Detention" Jody Margolin Hahn Michael Feldman April 10, 2014 212
David makes Joe skip school, seeing that he has become very stressed to keep his perfect attendance record. But when they are caught in their lie about Joe missing school, they are forced to attend Saturday detention held by Principal Templeman (Tom Wilson). Amy becomes obsessed with finding out who has not been cleaning after their dog on the Hobbs front yard.
39 4 "See Dad Teach Emily to Drive" Mitchel Katlin Gigi McCreery & Perry Rein April 17, 2014 208
David is reluctant to teach Emily how to drive. Janie and Kevin hide Janie's stuffed monkey, Dr. Monkey Chunks, so Joe can find it for a detective mystery game they are playing. Amy comes to the realization that she is a terrible driver.
40 5 "See Dad Run Into Marcus' Nephew" Robbie Countryman Mitchel Katlin & Nat Bernstein April 24, 2014 304
Marcus' troublesome nephew Robbie (Doc Shaw) visits, but is heartbroken over recent breakup with his ex-girlfriend. David and Amy are against Emily driving at night to a house party. Joe wants to prove how responsible he is to David and Amy by babysitting Janie alone.
41 6 "See Dad Rough It" Scott Marshall Matt Boren May 1, 2014 303
David agrees to be the parent chaperone at Joe's boy scout camping trip with their strict group leader Burwick (Christopher Gorham). However, Kevin tags along with David to make David's stay in the wilderness a lot more pleasurable, by bringing along David's trailer and the prop master from his old sitcom. Amy, Emily and Janie have the house all to themselves, while David and Joe are gone. Amy plans to have Janie's ears pierced by Kat (Vicki Lewis), a friend of hers who works the wardrobe on her soap opera, and is an ear piercing specialist. However, Janie already had them pierced by Emily right before Amy comes home to spend the day with them. So Amy tries to come up with another "first" she can do with Janie. Marcus has a hard time sleeping because of Alicia's new loud parrot.
42 7 "See Dad Ruin Joe's Teacher" Jody Margolin Hahn Gigi McCreery & Perry Rein October 2, 2014 203 0.8[48]
David has a hard time telling Joe's teacher Mr. Maury Mumbrue (Jonathan Slavin), an aspiring screenwriter that his script is terrible, all while Joe is worried about doing a good job with his poetry slam. Janie hides Emily's cell phone so she can spend time with her.
43 8 "See Dad Lose the Forest for the Tree House" Rich Correll Tina Albanese & Patrick Labyorteaux October 9, 2014 211 0.8[49]
David tries to convince Joe that he can build a tree house, just so he can show up his handy neighbor Bob (Valente Rodriguez). Amy gets Emily a job as the wardrobe assistant on her soap opera, everything goes well until Emily and Bea ruins the dress that Amy is supposed to wear in an upcoming episode.
44 9 "See Dad Become Room Mom" Jody Margolin Hahn Michael Feldman October 16, 2014 302 1.0[50]
David is voted "room mom" of Janie's kindergarten class, but the position becomes way too overwhelming for him. Joe begins his first day of the seventh grade in the same high school that Emily attends, with him and his friends having to deal with a bully.
45 10 "See Dad Live at Five" Rich Correll Tina Albanese & Patrick Labyorteaux November 6, 2014 305
Emily cannot decide on a career, so David gets her an internship with Brooke Miller (Nicole Sullivan), a respected but zany news reporter. With the internship going so well, Emily decides to quit high school, to work for Brooke full time. Janie agrees to give Joe's air rock band an image makeover. Kevin and Marcus help a high school silhouette dance group, that Emily was a member of.
46 11 "See Dad Watch Janie Run Away" Rich Correll Jay Kogen November 13, 2014 306
Refusing to abide by David and Amy's rules about eating cookies before dinner, Janie leaves home to live with empty nesters Marcus and Alicia. Emily is way too embarrassed to be seen with Joe at school, but soon changes her tune, when Joe is taken under the wing of Carson Castle (Noah Centineo), a handsome classmate that Emily has a crush on.
47 12 "See Dad Fire Original Katie Again" Jody Margolin Hahn Gigi McCreery & Perry Rein November 20, 2014 307
Tracey McFee (Daniella Monet), an actress who played David's daughter on his old sitcom before she was fired, returns into David's life as Joe's Spanish tutor, who is terrible at her job. Emily and Kevin are hired as background extras on Amy's soap opera, however the gig will require Kevin to be away from David for two days, causing Kevin to stress out. Janie has a friend with terrible body odor.
48 13 "See Dad Get in the Ring" Scott Marshall Paul Ciancarelli & David DiPietro December 4, 2014 308
While visiting Bulk (Quinton "Rampage" Jackson), a professional wrestler who trained him in an old wrestling movie, David is challenged by Dr. Mayhem (Mark "Bully Ray" LoMonaco) to fight in a match. David thinks the challenge is all in fun, until he realizes at the wrestling press conference that Mayhem is not joking. David is also forced to fight to impress Joe, who in turn also wants to impress a cool kid from his school. Meanwhile, Amy is called to Janie's school to find out that she has been disruptive in class. Amy later finds out that Janie has been imitating bad behavior from Emily and her friends, whom in turn got the behavior from a viral video.