“See Dad Get Married and Married”
Season 1, Episode 14
Air Date

March 18, 2013





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See Dad as The Great and Powerful Hobbs

See Dad Get Married and Married is the fourteenth episode of Season 1 of See Dad Run.


Amy becomes jealous after finding out that David had an exotic wedding with his first wife Nicole (Elaine Hendrix). David and the children set out to give Amy the wedding she deserves. Joe catches up with old friend of his, reuniting through Facebook. Joe's old friend was also name Joe. They had their own secret launguage that David heted when they taked like that.They had a club that was called the Joe Ho's. So Amy still had a hard time with the Nicole thing. Here's the whole story. david got home from getting his wisdom teeth out. He was still a little crazy from the gas.. When they set him down on the couch he accidently said that he married another woman. Nicole she lived in Hollywood, California. Ater a two second reasearch Emily found her. And David explained he was only married for 10 hours.