“See Dad Meet Matthew Pearson”
Season 1, Episode 6
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See Dad Meet Matthew Pearson is the sixth episode of Season 1 of See Dad Run.



  • David: You an call me David.
  • Amy: Hello? I'm home.
  • Emily: Mom! [whimpering] Matthew! [whimpering]
  • Amy: Oh, no he didn't. Oh, that's terrible.
  • Emily: He said it... [whimpering]
  • Amy: Well, did you tell him that?
  • Emily: [whimpering] Dad!
  • Amy: David.
  • David: Me? What? i didn't--This is--Whales.
  • Amy: We don't understand a word you just said.
  • David: Welcome to my world.
  • Amy: Emily texted Matthew and broke up with him. She is convinced that he lkes more than her.
  • David: Oh, That's ridiculous. Honey, You're umping to conclusions.
  • Emily: He made a CD.
  • David: See that? how romantic.
  • Emily: It's for you, dad!
  • David: It is not.
  • Amy: "David's Sweet Jams."
  • David: Really? I mean really? No, Emily, Emily. Please, can we talk about this? sweetie.
  • Amy: David, you have done enough, okay? leave the poor child be. I love being good cop.